Codes of Practice: Cost effective bundle offers now available

Wednesday 28th April 2021

Our Codes of Practice can now be purchased in bundles making them very useful for businesses and for sharing with teams, particularly when flexible working practices are in place.

Liquid Gas UK works closely with industry leading experts to develop codes of practice which are business sector specific, and guide members towards compliance with regulatory policy. Our codes are industry leading and recognised globally for the unique insight and guidance they give.

The bundles are grouped together by business sector and include the following:

Architects and Designers Bulk Vessel installation and design

This Code of Practice bundle incorporates spacing and distance, excavation methods to prevent movement and cathodic protection. This is the optimum code bundle for businesses operating in the bulk vessel installation space. It contains all of the necessary information to install LPG tanks below ground, safely and practically, taking into account all of the very latest excavation techniques.

7 Codes

Normal price £630

Bundle Price £468

Catering Industry

Liquid Gas UK has a Code of Practice bundle which is specifically designed for use by businesses operating in the catering industry. This code bundle outlines essential information for using LPG safely when cooking.

4 codes

Normal price £360

Bundle price £270

Holiday and Residential Park Industry

Caravans, motorhomes and camper vans often use LPG for cooking and heating. This bundle has been put together specifically for use within the Holiday and Residential Park Industry. The codes provide important safety guidance and advice which has been developed by leading experts from the camping and caravanning sector.

5 codes

Normal price £450

Bundle price £336

Local Authority

Liquid Gas UK develops it Codes of Practice in conjunction with experts from the membership base and wider industry. It works closely with Government authorities and some of the codes are endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive. This bundle is specifically aimed at Local Authorities and provides essential guidance and best practice to support both residential and business use.

6 codes

Normal price £540

Bundle price £396

Cylinder Storage, Filling, Carriage and use for all Market Sectors

LPG cylinders are used in many different business settings particularly for those operating in off-grid, rural locations. This bundle is suitable for all types of business where storage of cylinders is taking place and where carriage is necessary.

9 codes

Normal price £810

Bundle price £600

Vessel Examination and Inspection

Vessel examination and inspection is vital to maintain condition of tank. This bundle is focussed specifically on examination and inspection methods.

4 codes

Normal price £360

Bundle price £270

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