Decarbonising homes: consumers need choice

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

The costs of installing the low carbon technologies currently proposed by the Government, just aren’t realistic for many households according to a new report by the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA).

While climate change and reduction in carbon emissions is necessary, the costs involved with installing, many of the low carbon technology solutions suggested, is too high. 54% of people said they simply can’t afford costs of up to £14,000 to install alternatives. A further 26% would need financial support.

The key issue found in the report is affordability. Consumers want to make changes but they can’t do that if alternatives are too expensive for them to afford. Just 6% of people can afford up to £14,00 to install a heat pump.

Consumers would like a choice in the technologies used to heat their home. 73% would like to keep both gas and electricity connected, and would welcome the idea of an easy to swap, low carbon boiler.

Many of these people have doubts about heat pump technology either due to costs or the ability to heat their home during very cold periods. A mixed technology approach is therefore vital in order to give consumers the option of heating their homes effectively and within their financial means.

LPG and bioLPG is easy to install and carries no high up-front costs. Switching from oil or coal to LPG immediately reduces carbon emissions and improves air quality, but a transition to bioLPG takes this even further with up to 90% carbon emissions reduction. As a drop in fuel, switching over from LPG to bioLPG means no costly infrastructure changes are needed either.

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