LPG boiler sales double in the race to decarbonise rural homes

Tuesday 31st August 2021

Recent figures released from the EUA show that sales of LPG boilers have doubled over the past 6 years, demonstrating the growth and interest in using LPG for home heating.

Larger Rural off-gas grid homes are often harder to heat, with solid walls, little fabric efficiency and historic character making them more difficult to retrofit. Heating these properties with an oil boiler emits the equivalent of driving 37,000 miles in a petrol car each year.

Research has found that as this group of homes are harder-to-retrofit and full of historic character, they aren’t affordably suited to electrification. Without retrofit, the heat pump solution would cost over £16,000 more than the bioLPG solution. With retrofit, it would cost £29,000 more to install.

LPG and bioLPG offers an effective solution for transitioning large rural homes away from heating oil, offering the same high temperatures that the household is used to, but with a lower carbon footprint. When it comes to transitioning to bioLPG, LPG customers can use all of the existing infrastructure already in place to transition easily to bioLPG - this means no upfront cost.

Sophia Haywood, Director of Public Affairs, commented:

“It is very encouraging to read these figures and see that LPG boiler sales are increasing at such a rate. We have conducted a number of studies which demonstrate a mixed approach to decarbonising rural homes is absolutely vital if we are to reach Net Zero by 2050. A variety of options must be available to suit all types of homes and specifically those which are off gas grid in rural areas.

“There is a role for heat pumps in the heating of energy efficient housing stock and newer builds, but LPG and bioLPG will play an import role in supporting harder to heat homes and transitioning them away from heating oil.”

Interested in finding out more about using LPG for home heating? Find local suppliers here: https://www.liquidgasuk.org/domestic/supplier-search

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