LPG brings Christmas dinner to the table

Thursday 9th December 2021

British food producers play an integral role in supporting the economy and providing food for families across the UK, and there is no busier time for the poultry industry than at Christmas.

Over nine million turkeys are reared in the UK each year* with just over half of families choosing to have turkey for their Christmas Day dinner. For generations turkey has been eaten at Christmas by families up and down the country and it’s showing no sign of losing popularity. In fact it is estimated that 27.8m UK households* will have turkey on Christmas Day this year.

In terms of popular Christmas side dishes roast potatoes are a clear favourite with 88% of households* choosing these crisp, tasty sides to eat with their turkey. Pigs in blankets are another popular choice with 65% of people* insisting they are part of their Christmas Day feast. Carrots and Brussel sprouts are the most popular vegetables and cranberry sauce is the winner when it comes to sauces and accompaniments.

LPG is integral to bringing many of these items to the Christmas dinner table. From heating farm buildings and water supplies, to supplying new heat systems to storage facilities and other off-grid businesses, if a farm business is rural, which many are, and located off gas grid, it will need alternative measures such as LPG.

The UK is quite rightly stringent when it comes to animal welfare and so its important businesses can provide a high level of care and biosecurity for their animals. Keeping equipment clean and disinfected in both buildings and for the benefit of staff is important all year round and particularly during the busy winter months and Christmas. The ability to heat water and keep buildings warm is of paramount importance and the LPG industry is proud to be able to support.

Commenting on the use of LPG to support the agriculture industry at Christmas, George Webb, Chief Executive of Liquid Gas UK said:

“LPG emits 33% less CO2 than coal and is the lowest carbon conventional fuel available for off-grid businesses such as those in the farming and agricultural sector. Importantly, from a business perspective LPG provides fast, immediate and reliable heat.”

“We are proud to be supporting the UK agricultural sector during one of its busiest times and of course providing heat for the young stock which will be growing and developing over the year to come.”

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The County Louth Farm using LPG to heat its water tanks.

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*Data from yougov.co.uk

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK