Upcoming webinar: How to decarbonise your rural business.

Thursday 17th June 2021

In a recent study we found there are currently 62,000 businesses located off mains gas and largely being heated by oil or coal.

Currently, there is a huge emphasis on electrification, however many of these businesses will be harder to electrify, due to the nature of the building and/or its energy demand.

As we work towards Net Zero we want to open up the conversation and talk about alternatives. If heat pumps or electrification aren’t suitable, then what are the options?

LPG, bioLPG and hybrids are some of them.

Join us on Wednesday 21st July, 10am – 11am, in conversation with a panel of energy experts as we talk about decarbonisation for rural business and how it might affect you.

Our confirmed speaker list includes:

  • James Higgins, Low Carbon Partner, GemServ
  • Chris Goggin, Associate Director, Rinnai UK
  • Sophia Haywood, Director of Public Affairs, Liquid Gas UK

To register your interest and book a space please email mail@liquidgasuk.org



The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK