Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations: Are you ready?

Monday 11th July 2022

MPs celebrate/welcome new alarms laws

This year, the laws are changing for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the UK.

To raise awareness of the new rules, a new campaign ‘Carbon Monoxide Alarms Save Lives’ launches today [Monday 11 July] and will run all summer until 28 August, thanks to sponsorship from Britain’s four gas distribution networks: Wales & West Utilities, SGN, Northern Gas Networks, and Cadent.

Carbon monoxide – ‘the silent killer’ – cannot be detected by human senses. However, a sounding alarm can to alert occupants to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. This year, many more domestic properties will be legally required to have such alarms.

The change to the law follows years of campaigning by the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group, which has been formally calling for carbon monoxide alarms to be required in many more homes since 2017.

The group’s chair, Barry Sheerman MP says:

“By making carbon monoxide alarms a legal requirement, governments are sending a strong message – carbon monoxide is seriously harmful. If you don’t have an alarm, you need to get one for your home as soon as possible.

“Carbon monoxide poisoning can kill. It can cause harm to our vital organs and is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and children. Please join our campaign to spread the word about carbon monoxide alarms this summer – and make sure your home is protected.”

The newly launched campaign will show the public how to stay safe from carbon monoxide and explain why homes need carbon monoxide alarms. You can join in too - download the digital asset pack for the campaign for free.

For help understanding these regulations or to seek legal advice, please contact Citizen’s Advice, who provide a free advice service for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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