Innovation and Technology in the LPG Industry were the headline themes of the Liquid Gas UK Annual Conference in Edinburgh yesterday

Friday 11th November 2022

Liquid Gas UK held its Annual Conference in Edinburgh yesterday, featuring speakers and delegates from across the LPG, and Renewable Liquid Gas industry.

180 members, guests, speakers and stakeholders from the industry, made the journey to Edinburgh where Innovation and Technology were the headline themes of the day. 

17 speakers addressed delegates at the Annual Conference where three panel discussions took place, talking about everything from Global Price Trends, to the new rDME site proposed in Teesside, On-Purpose Production of bioLPG from Ethanol, and Advancing Renewable Liquid Gases in the UK.

The Liquid Gas UK Annual Conference delegates engaged with industry specialists and stakeholders who brought to life how the industry can deliver on its promise of being 100% renewable by 2040. It’s clear that delivering a renewable future, as set out in the industry’s Pathway Document, is credible and the LPG industry can be part of the future energy mix for off grid rural areas, with hard to treat homes and businesses..

Elizabeth De Jong CEO of UKPIA, gave a keynote speech on Delivering Net Zero through Sustainable Systems and Dr Keith Simons, from SHV Energy, discussed the process of On-Purpose Production of bioLPG from Ethanol. Steve Hallett, Operations Director at Dimeta, took delegates through the high profile Renewable Liquid Gas project he is leading at the new rDME production plant at Teesworks.

The three panel discussions featured leading figures from the LPG and Renewable Liquid Gas industry, who talked about The Industry’s Pathway to Net Zero, Future Renewables - Technology and Innovation and Future of the Industry: Global Focus.

The discussions generated lively audience participation and included enlightening conversations about technology, processes and global insight. 

Global speakers and delegates from Europe, and America attended the Annual Conference, as well as UK based members and businesses. Attendees from Government, Industry Associations and other membership based organisations also joined Liquid Gas UK in Edinburgh.

Commenting on the Liquid Gas UK Annual Conference and the success of the event, George Webb, Chief Executive of Liquid Gas UK said:

“With 180 delegates joining us in Edinburgh, this year’s Annual Conference was our biggest ever, which is no surprise given the fantastic Edinburgh location, the high calibre of speakers and the important topics being discussed.

We’re incredibly proud as an Association to be working with such innovative organisations which are driving our industry to provide a credible solution for rural off-grid homes and businesses, on this decarbonisation journey. It is clear that with the work taking place, the high levels of research and development being actioned, and the level of investment, now focussed on bringing renewable liquid gases to rural areas, the industry has an exciting future.

“Thank you to everybody who made time in their busy schedule to join us in Edinburgh for the Liquid Gas UK Annual Conference, and we look forward to seeing you in Liverpool in 2023.

Howard Illingworth, Chairman of Liquid Gas UK and Northern Energy continued:

“2022 has been an interesting year for the industry as we’ve moved beyond the pandemic and associated restrictions, and also the impact of Brexit.

“Liquid Gas UK launched the industry’s Pathway document, detailing the journey to a renewable future, providing the detail of how the industry can be part of the future energy mix, and the second Industry Census was launched over the summer, highlighting the large investment the industry is making to secure its future.

The Annual Conference has reinforced all of the positive messages surrounding the industry, and the incredible level of work being done to accelerate the development of Renewable Liquid Gases at volume in the UK.

“It’s clear the LPG industry has a credible pathway, and as the transition progresses, it’s a very exciting time for us all. Technology is continually developing, research is guiding the important decisions being made, and businesses and working groups are coming together, to help the industry to evolve, and develop effective decarbonisation strategies.

“On behalf of the Liquid Gas UK Board of Directors I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Liquid Gas UK Team for a very successful event and to all of our members, and sponsors for supporting it.”

The Liquid Gas 2023 Annual Conference will be held in Liverpool at the iconic Titanic Hotel and details and bookings will be open soon. Watch this space!

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