Installer Webinar: Renewable Liquid Gases for Rural Properties: Liquid Gas UK’s Pathway to 2040

Wednesday 26th October 2022

Join us on Wednesday 23rd November at 11am to hear more on the Governments proposal relating to off-grid homes and businesses.

40,000 homes now use renewable liquid fuels, equating to 20% of the current LPG domestic market.

While LPG remains the lowest carbon transitional fuel for off-grid homes, bioLPG and rDME are two renewable liquid gases that are propelling the UK’s liquid gas market to be 100% renewable by 2040.

Around 2 million rural homes and businesses rely on traditional methods for their energy needs. Analysis from Liquid Gas UK suggests these homes could save £7 billion between 2019 and 2050, if the UK adopts a mixed approach to decarbonising heating, that includes liquid gas, compared to electrification only.

Renewable liquid gas is an ideal option for homes and businesses located off-grid in rural communities on the pathway to Net Zero, especially where solutions such as heat pumps might not be a cost-effective option.

Join us on Wednesday 23rd November at 11am to hear more on:

  • The Governments proposal relating to off-grid homes and businesses
  • Looking at ways an electrification-first approach isn’t the right solution for this diverse mix of housing and other building stock
  • How LPG and renewable liquid gases (bioLPG and rDME) can provide a transitional solution to decarbonise some of these hard to treat and hard to heat homes

There are over 70,000 installers in the UK and Liquid Gas UK recognises the vital role you play in the UK energy market, helping consumers make the right energy choices for their property, as well as keeping them safe.

Installer Webinar details

When: 11am Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Who’s it for: Installers and heating engineers who currently work with LPG and want to know more about the transition to renewable liquid gases and how liquid gas offers rural homeowners a low carbon option.

Speaker: Francesca Kirtley-Paine, Public Affairs Manager, Liquid Gas UK

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