LPG boiler sales increase by 36% in 2021

Wednesday 26th January 2022

New figures from the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) show a large increase in boiler sales during 2021 demonstrating the key role LPG can play in decarbonising off-grid areas of the UK.

The figures released in January show a 36% increase compared to 2020, with April to July the busiest period for sales. They show a steady increase in the demand for LPG boilers over the last 6 years, the near 50,000 sales in 2021 is 58% larger than sales in 2015.

In our Industry Census 2020, our installer members stated there are a wide range of reasons why a customer might choose to install an LPG heating system over another form of heating, such as the flexibility and reliability of the fuel. Installers also felt the fuel has a proven track record in a number of sectors and is a significantly more sustainable alternative to an option like oil, producing up to 20% less CO2. These are just some of the examples as to why homes and businesses switch to LPG.

Building upon this, interest in LPG among installers appears to be growing, coinciding with an active campaign by Liquid Gas UK to engage the community. A recent UK Government installer survey, supported by Liquid Gas UK, found that circa 50% of installers have some experience or are very experienced when it comes to LPG.

We’re carrying our over into the New Year, by attending events such as the Installer Show in June 2022 and communicating to installers through blogs, articles and webinars, aiming to reach more of the installer community to demonstrate the role for LPG today and in the future with bioLPG.

Sophia Haywood, Director of Public Affairs at Liquid Gas UK commented:

“It’s encouraging to hear LPG boiler sales have increased at such a rate, particularly between April and July, which could show consumers are taking time to consider proactive switching to LPG from higher carbon solutions, such as oil or solid fuels.

“Now is a great time for installers to encourage moving homes and businesses away from oil and onto LPG, in advance of legislation banning new fossil fuel installations after 2026. Beyond then, these homes will be future proofed by the transition to renewables, but the opportunity in the interim to encourage a high volume of switches from oil to LPG is today.

About LPG and bioLPG

LPG is a transitional fuel with the lowest carbon content of any of the off-grid fuels such as oil and coal. It is clean burning and has lower Nox, Sox and Particular Matter, most importantly it is paving the way for bioLPG a clean and environmentally friendly energy solution for off-grid homes.

BioLPG, also known as biopropane is a renewable and sustainable product giving up to 90% reduction in carbon emissions. Chemically it is identical to LPG, though it is made using a variety of biological feedstocks including waste streams. It can be used in exactly the same way as LPG and can be dropped into an existing supply making it the ideal solution for off-grid home or business owners currently using LPG.

You can discover more about the role of LPG for rural homes here:

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK