A pragmatic approach - Liquid Gas UK responds to Scottish Government’s Heat in Buildings Bill Consultation

Wednesday 29th November 2023

George Webb, Liquid Gas UK CEO, comments...

George Webb, CEO of Liquid Gas UK, commenting on the publication of a consultation on the Scottish Government's Heat in Buildings said:

"This consultation is a pragmatic move towards achieving a fairer approach to net zero, which is feasible, fair and affordable.”

“The extension of the phase-out date for direct emissions heating systems to 2045, with energy efficiency steps between now and then, is a significant development, allowing homeowners valuable time to budget and plan for energy efficiency upgrades and cleaner heating systems.

“Previously, the 2025 off-grid fossil fuel boiler ban risked creating a huge financial burden for rural Scottish communities, particularly for homes that are unsuited to electric heating systems.

“This approach is a welcome change, reflecting a more nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by Scotland’s off-grid households who are already experiencing significant financial pressures with inflation.

“We’re particularly encouraged by the recognition of mixed-technology solutions for off-grid heating, aligning with our industry's commitment to a renewable future, and a recognition that not all homes will be suitable for a heat pump.

“For off-grid consumers who are unable to install heat pumps, an option to switch to renewable liquid gases offers a cost-effective opportunity to contribute to Scotland's net zero targets.

“The LPG industry is on a credible pathway to become 100% renewable by 2040. This transition enables customers to use ‘drop in’ renewable liquid gases with their existing heating systems, avoiding the need for expensive retrofits in hard-to-treat properties.

“Importantly, this shift can create carbon reductions of up to 90% compared to traditional LPG or kerosene. We’d like to see clear recognition of these gases in future policies.

“We’re eager to collaborate with the Scottish Government to evidence our industry’s efforts in the rapid development and deployment of renewable liquid gases and their use in clean heating systems. These molecules are key to ensuring off-grid communities have a sustainable, fair and affordable clean energy future.”


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