Liquid Gas UK advocates for renewable liquid gases in response to 2023 Autumn Statement

Friday 24th November 2023

Liquid Gas UK responds to the 2023 Autumn Statement by UK Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, calling for a level playing field in renewable energy incentives.

Addressing the Autum Statement, George Webb, CEO of Liquid Gas UK, emphasises the crucial role of renewable liquid gases (RLGs), such as bioLPG and rDME, in advancing the nation’s green energy transition:

"In light of the recent Autumn Statement, it’s crucial to recognise the significant role that renewable liquid gases play in the UK's net zero journey. The £4.5bn Green Industries Growth Accelerator is a welcome investment in renewables but unfortunately overlooks the vital contribution of biofuels like RLGs. Support for these low-carbon fuels would help to further attract private sector investment and ensure a fair and inclusive transition to green energy for all, particularly rural communities.

“Measures announced to address concerns with regards to electricity infrastructure only reinforce the urgency of prioritising alternative heating solutions in our future energy mix, especially for rural off-grid communities.

“Liquid Gas UK members have earmarked £600 million to domestic RLG production, targeting a fully renewable LPG industry by 2040. As the Chancellor considers incentives for other renewable energy sources, more support is needed to spur on the deployment of these gases at scale and ensure a level playing field for RLGs.”

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK