Off Gas Grid Homes: LPG as the ideal solution

Tuesday 13th December 2016

The drive to deliver carbon savings within budget on new builds is a tricky one, with technology and fuel solutions all subject to scrutiny by developers, particularly as budgets remain tight. Availability, reliability, ease of installation and use are major considerations, making LPG an attractive option for heating homes in rural areas for housebuilders and homeowners alike.

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LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, behaves in a similar way to natural gas and can fuel all familiar domestic household gas appliances, such as central heating boilers and cookers as well as gas fires and AGAs, making it a popular choice with consumers.

Reasons why LPG is a popular choice in fuelling off gas grid homes include:

  • Working with a combination boiler, LPG provides heat and hot water on demand, removing the need for an expensive storage system
  • Aesthetics is a key motivator in the adoption of LPG in modern developments as there is no need for noisy and unsightly outside units on the side of the home such as those required for air source heat pumps, nor is there a need for bulky oil tanks sitting outside each home
  • Remote monitoring of the tanks can ensure that supplies are topped up when needed, giving householders reassurance that they will always have access to fuel for heat and hot water
  • For homes using solar and wind energy, LPG offers a flexible and complementary low carbon fuel source to power these homes when intermittent renewables cannot meet demand or are not generating due to weather conditions
  • In future, the development of bio-propane technologies will provide a renewable fuel that can be added into the supply chain with absolutely no need to change customers’ storage tanks or even adjust their appliances.

When it comes to environmental performance and cost, LPG offers a superior solution to off gas grid homes:

  • LPG emits 35% less CO2 than coal and 12% less than oil
  • The cost per plot of LPG installation – compared with electric, oil and air source heat pumps – is significantly cheaper.
  • The supply network is well-established meaning that due to lower installation costs and the instant availability of hot water and heat, LPG is quickly becoming the fuel of choice for thousands of homes located off the gas grid.

Ultimately LPG is a fuel that is clean, green, widely available and perfect for familiar appliances from gas fires to AGAs, making it an easy option for housebuilders to discuss with prospective homeowners. It’s ease of installation makes it an attractive proposition to housebuilders whilst its ease of use means a happy homeowner, long after the keys have been handed over.

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