Why the Hospitality sector is giving LPG a warm welcome

Thursday 21st July 2016

Cooking on gas might be popular with chefs, but the advantages of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) extend far beyond the kitchen for businesses operating in the hospitality sector. LPG is fast becoming the fuel of choice for country hotels, pubs and spas thanks to its versatility and ability to deliver clean, low carbon energy for space and water heating, as well as cooking!

So why is LPG becoming the fuel of choice? 

  • It reduces emissions - LPG offers almost exactly the same functionality as natural gas, but yields 12% less CO than oil. Environmentally-friendly practices have become a key part of the hotel sector as sustainable tourism rises up the agenda.
  • LPG has an impact on the bottom line, without compromising on the comfort of guests. Lords of the Manor, a luxury hotel in the Cotswolds, has seen savings of £20,000 per annum and a reduction in carbon emissions of more than 22% since switching from oil to LPG for its central heating and water system.
  • It not a blot on the landscape - LPG can be stored in large tanks underground if required to avoid spoiling the aesthetic of a country hotel setting.
  • It's reliable - telemetry systems alert the supplier when fuel needs replenishing, ensuring a seamless and reliable low carbon fuel source for every type of accommodation, from forest lodges to large hotels with spas that have intensive high energy needs throughout the year.

The benefits of LPG in the hospitality sector speak for themselves and UKLPG members are on hand to provide independent advice to businesses looking to take advantage of the savings it can bring to their business, both in terms of financial outlay and environmental impact.

Rob Shuttleworth, UKLPG Chief Executive 

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK