LPG fuel – offering stability in a fast-moving policy environment

Thursday 22nd June 2017

The potential of LPG in delivering long-term commercial and environmental benefits to businesses and housing developers as they navigate the transforming energy landscape was highlighted at a session of industry leaders at the European LPG Congress in Lisbon this week.

UKLPG's public affairs manager, Emily Wilson-Gavin explained to the audience at the European LPG Association's (AEGPL) flagship event, how the UK off gas grid community is seizing the opportunities afforded by the low carbon fuel to drive productivity, performance and efficiency, whilst heading towards achieving carbon reduction targets.

Participating in a high-profile panel debate on the role businesses can play in a fast-moving energy policy environment, Wilson-Gavin highlighted the ambition of the UK LPG community to work with Government to help it respond to demanding carbon reduction targets, as it shifted its focus from electrification to a more practical multi-sector approach.

UKLPG's pathways documentGas for Off-Grid Britainhighlights the role of the widely available fuel as part of the UK's diverse future energy mix. Over the coming months, it will be responding to key questions of how the LPG industry in the UK is geared up to meet increasing demand and how it is working with the latest energy efficient technology suppliers to ensure LPG is at the forefront of innovation in low carbon applications in both the home and business sectors.

The document addresses the key areas of the energy trilemma, affordability, security of supply and carbon reduction and how LPG is ideally suited to meeting the challenge of low carbon off gas grid energy supply.

Wilson-Gavin explained how members of the UK LPG industry were working together to offer robust, short-term and long-term secure, low carbon energy solutions at a time of uncertainty for many other areas of energy generation.

"We need to send a clear message to Government that like-for-like boiler replacements will not be sufficient to curb carbon emissions. Such a stance is not ambitious enough," she told the Lisbon conference.

"If policymakers are serious about cutting carbon and cleaning up off-grid, they need to make the decisions now that will encourage consumers to make purchasing decisions that will help to achieve the UK's carbon reduction targets.

"As an industry, we will be making it very clear in 2017 that LPG is the right solution for cleaning up energy off the gas grid."

By Rob Shuttleworth, UKLPG Chief Executive

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK