Why should you choose LPG?

Thursday 5th October 2017

Most homes and business in the UK take it for granted that they can rely on gas to heat and power their premises, but if you live or work off the gas grid, then liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the perfect substitute for mains gas.

There are actually more than 2 million households and thousands of businesses located in areas that do not have access to the mains gas grid. While many traditionally had to rely on oil or wood for heating and cooking, over the past decade homes and businesses have been making the switch to LPG and the reasons for doing so are clear. 

Beyond the obvious advantage that it performs in an identical way to natural gas, the list of reasons why you should choose LPG is long:

1) Widely available 

LPG is as convenient as your supermarket grocery delivery. Available to order from suppliers based in all corners of the UK, it can be delivered in large volumes to industry, smaller volumes to domestic users as well as in cylinders for portable applications such as mobile catering. A postcode search facility on the UKLPG website gives customers access to a list of suppliers in their area.

 2) Portable From street food pitches to festival campsites, LPG cylinders can be used in even the hardest-to-reach places, which is why it is widely used to support disaster relief efforts around the world too. Cylinders are manufactured in sizes ranging from 3.9kg to 47kg, catering for both personal and commercial use. 

3) Versatile 

LPG offers complete versatility with applications ranging from heating in off-grid homes, hotels, pubs and spas, right through to fuelling forklift trucks and powering essential agricultural processes such as crop drying, animal rearing and greenhouse heating. 

4) Reliable 

Because LPG acts in exactly the same way as natural gas, it delivers reliable, consistent and controllable heat, especially for cooking. For those that have only ever known conventional natural gas, LPG enables those making a living off the gas grid to experience the same advantages as natural gas. Ideal for producing consistently perfect food and drink products for shops and supermarkets, and at home it provides all the subtle control you expect from gas.

5) Clean 

LPG is the lowest carbon conventional energy source available in comparison to fossil fuels. Its combustion emits 33% less CO2 than coal and 15% less than heating oil. What's more, it emits hardly any pollutants, particulates or soot, making it the cleaner choice.

6) Future-proof 

Due to its similarities to natural gas, LPG is compatible with the most advanced and energy-efficient technologies available, meaning your appliances and heating systems have a long-term future which is great news for your budget.

To find out how homes and businesses are benefiting from choosing LPG and to find a supplier visit www.uklpg.org   

By Rob Shuttleworth, UKLPG Chief Executive

(Image with thanks to the WLPGA)

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK