LPG delivers the perfect pancake

Tuesday 13th February 2018

We all know the secret to the perfect pancake is not just down to the toppings or the ratio of sugar to flour, but in the execution itself.

  • Pancake Day

For those off the gas grid, enjoying a half term break at their favourite caravan site or cooking outdoors with their Guide or Scout group, LPG helps deliver the perfect pancake:

Ready to flip: knowing when to flip is crucial to the perfect pancake. Too soon and it will break up, too late and you’ll have an overcooked dessert. Using a steady and consistent heat is as important as a steady hand, and thanks to LPG this means the pancake pros will impress others with a flawless flip.

The perfect colour: LPG is the only off-grid alternative to natural gas that allows you to cook with a flame that can be easily controlled and turned up or down on demand to ensure the perfect coloured pancakes. A reliable heat source, it delivers an instant flame at a consistent temperature that’s easy to use.

Environmentally friendly: LPG acts the same as natural gas but produces 33% less CO2 than coal and 15% less CO2 than heating oil. With low particle emissions, low NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions and low sulphur content, it is the lowest carbon and cleanest conventional off-grid fuel. Perfect for cooking your Shrove Tuesday pancakes!

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