Spreading the word about LPG

Thursday 7th June 2018

The UK was one of the first countries to acknowledge the financial and security threats of climate change and act on it, and as a result, the Clean Growth Strategy was launched, laying out the Government’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050.

LPG is the perfect green gas solution for off-grid customers and we’ve produced a range of informative films to highlight how the fuel can help reduce carbon in the millions of homes and businesses across the UK without access to mains gas.

To find out more on the benefits of LPG and the industries it serves, watch our new films below.

 Property developers

LPG behaves exactly the same as natural gas, so it can easily fuel domestic household gas appliances like central heating boilers, cookers and AGAs, and is compatible with most advanced boilers and heating systems.

When working with combination boilers, LPG provides heat and hot water on demand so there’s no need to worry about factoring expensive storage systems into development builds either. And tanks can be buried underground to maintain the aesthetics of any new developments. Find out more about the benefits of LPG for property developers here: www.uklpg.org/about/lpg-for-property-developers.


LPG helps to power the UK agricultural industry, from heating greenhouses, drying crops, powering equipment and cleaning milk lines, to rearing animals. With its ability to provide heat and hot water on demand, its benefits over alternative fuels are numerous. Find out more about the benefits of LPG for agriculture here: www.uklpg.org/about/lpg-for-agriculture

Hospitality and leisure

This clean, smoke-free fuel is the fuel of choice for the off-grid hospitality and leisure sector as it provides a reliable heat source, delivers instant hot water at a consistent temperature and enables businesses to continue cooking on gas, making it familiar, controllable and easy to use. Find out more about the benefits of LPG for hospitality and leisure here: www.uklpg.org/about/lpg-for-leisure-and-hospitality


LPG can be used to fuel UK infrastructure, including large manufacturing plants, factories and industrial machinery, while also heating, cooling and powering many essential processes and operations in offices and warehouses. Find out more about the benefits of LPG for industry here: www.uklpg.org/about/lpg-for-industry

Holiday parks

Many holiday parks are based in rural Britain and therefore require a versatile and reliable fuel source. Tanks can be buried underground to help the aesthetics of holiday properties, and can even send alerts to suppliers for automatic refills, ensuring guests are warm and cosy throughout their stay. Find out more about the benefits of LPG for holiday parks here: www.uklpg.org/about/lpg-for-holiday-parks.

By Lucy Cook, UKLPG Communications Manager

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK