Hybrid Heat Pump's a Hot Topic at Workshop with Vaillant UK

Thursday 6th August 2020

Last week we hosted a joint workshop with leading heating technology manufacturer Vaillant UK, for an exclusive session on LPG hybrid heat pumps.

We had an outstanding turnout from Liquid Gas UK members, who were all keen to hear and ask questions about LPG hybrid systems.

For those not aware, hybrid heat pumps have been cited as a key technology for meeting Net Zero by major players such as the Committee on Climate Change. Hybrid Heat Pump systems combine a heat pump with a gas boiler, both natural gas and LPG, to create highly efficient and intelligent systems. 

Experts Mark and Craig from Vaillant gave a fantastic presentation on how the systems operate with LPG, how they work, as well as their installation and running costs, followed by an active Q&A. One of the presenters, even gave us an exclusive live insight into how his very own hybrid heat pump works – the perks of video of conferencing! An insight we would have unlikely had pre-COVID-19! 

Thank you to Vaillant for the fantastic session and thank you to members for the brilliant turnout.

For those who missed the workshop, but would like to get up to speed, please contact me on sophia.haywood@liquidgasuk.org and I will send you the slide pack.

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