Richard Hakeem, Director of Technical and Safety Policy - June Update

Thursday 16th July 2020

Once again the month of June saw more global outreach from us as we promoted our Codes of Practice.

I presented on the WLPGA webinar for safer and sustainable development in Pakistan and I produced my first ever podcast on the ‘Role of LPG Codes of Practice in mature and emerging markets’, which is part of the WLPGA Podcast series.

Closer to home I have been progressing the work with the Energy Institute on alternative fuel powertrains and held an important meeting with the Environment Agency on Producers Responsibility.

I had good engagement with members of the Pipework, Equipment and Appliance leadership Group as the development of standards for dedicated LPG appliances raises its profile in the UK.

The meeting with the Environment Agency focused on Producers Responsibility obligations where we were notified that Liquid Gas UK will have the potential to affect change in this important regulation when it comes up for an extensive review as part of BREXIT exit plans.

Meetings with the Energy Institute also achieved progress on the alternative fuels project whereby a report is being produced for refineries to better educate them on potential risks and mitigation measures associated with alternative fuels used in HGV and LCV powertrains. 

June saw a focus on training, working with EU Skills and the certification and training bodies to get the LPG training specification for new installer entrants accepted and we discussed a new work proposal for a new training specification for inspectors who work on boats and holiday home parks.

A very important work stream for the industry is the development and ongoing monitoring of British & European standards, with the Liquid Gas UK equipment & appliance standards leadership group meeting in June.

I also participated in the Liquid Gas European Technical meeting where we investigated a very serious incident in China involving an LPG road tanker and consequently work is underway to try and ensure that there will be no regularly repercussions in Europe.

Finally I am pleased to announce that Code of Practice 22 is now published and I would like to thank all those who contributed to the development of this very technical and comprehensive code. So in short I had a good variety of work to keep members engaged!

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