September review by Richard Hakeem, Director of Technical and Safety Policy

Monday 12th October 2020

September was an unusual month for me where my fundamental role had taken a major diversion on to the road headed for BREXIT. Even with optimism it’s not exactly route 66!

Even so, following extensive discussions with the DfT it will appear that we headed for many twists, bumps and even ‘hair pin’ bends I would liken to the Monte Carlo F1 circuit. In September a bespoke meeting was held with Liquid Gas Ireland on issues relating to the border; and I am pleased to say that October will see my first engagement with the HSA in Ireland where LGUK will play a pivotal role between the Irish association, ROI government, NI assembly and UK DfT.   

The Carriage of Dangerous Goods 2020 regulations had its first reading in the Commons in September, and LGUK was delighted to hear that the junior minister in charge of presenting the regulation stated in her speech that the LPG industry was a major stakeholder. When I questioned the DfT, they confirmed that LGUK was mentioned in the briefing paper to the minister. 

Both the TOPS and PEAS leadership groups met in September and we were able to progress some significant issues and one of the highlights was the publication of new consumer regulator guidance where we re-emphasised the importance of using Over Pressure Shut Off devices. The guidance was promoted by the HSE and Gas Safe Register during Gas Safety Week. 

I attended my second meeting on Metal Crime Theft hosted by the British Transport Police which is now gaining momentum. The Home Office has joined the group and I will be introducing some measures at LGUK so that we have an informed idea what the impact of metal theft has within our industry. 

I am finally delighted to announce that Code of Practice 11 was revised which is the foundation for the UKLPG Autogas Installer Scheme. This is now available for members, and LGUK will be seeking opportunities to export this successful scheme abroad.

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK