Sophia Haywood Director of Public Affairs - Campaigning on EPCs pays off, with new MP led inquiry

Monday 22nd June 2020

Last month, we launched a new EPC campaign targeting parliamentarians in Westminster and Holyrood, calling on them to get the EPC methodology fixed once and for all. I won’t preach to the converted on why EPC’s need fixing, but many will know this has been a long standing issue.

During the campaign I’ve met (virtually) with a number of MPs and MSPs, some in rural areas and some in their energy spokesperson capacity, including the Labour Energy Shadow Minister – who have all written to BEIS ministers on the matter.

We’ve also had some substantial media coverage, including in Business Green, Utility Week and The Scottish Herald.Liquid Gas UK’s continued lobbying on this, in conjunction with members, has finally paid off.

The Environmental Audit Committee, a committee made up of MPs and Peers have launched an inquiry into the energy efficiency of existing buildings and have specifically asked questions on EPCs flawed methodology, as well as the impact on rural homes. We’ve been invited to give written evidence, potentially verbally too, which is a great step in raising the profile of the issue and also us as an association.

This is a fantastic achievement and while it won’t solve the EPC issue by itself, it should go a long way in helping us fix EPCs once and for all.

Sophia Haywood

Director Public Affairs

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK