Technical update from Richard Hakeem, Director of Technical and Safety Policy

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

May saw me cover and work on a vast range of topics: Security briefing for the transport of dangerous goods and work on European standards are high on the agenda as if they go unchecked they could have serious implications for industry.

May also gave us the opportunity to be more engaged in WLPGA workshops where I presented on the value of UK Codes of Practice and the benefits they could bring to markets in developing countries, such as outdoor catering and portable domestic heating & cooking.  Throughout June, our leadership group on standards will meet and we will work with EU Skills on finalising a new training specification for people who carry out LPG inspections on appliances and equipment in the boat and holiday park industry.Reflecting on the last month, here are some key engagements I would like to make you aware of:

7th May - At the DfT Industry Advisory Group (IAG) Security meeting, valuable updates were given on potential new risks concerning the transport and storage of dangerous goods. JTAC are the body that develops risk assessments for the DfT and we were advised that these will be made available to IAG members for circulation. On Site security audits on LPG operational sites are planned later in the year and DfT are working with BSi to develop a Road Transport Security Partnership Programme which will provide free guidance to assist industry in mitigating risks. 

12th May - I participated in the European annual CEN plenary TC 286 to discuss progress on a wide variety of standards that relate to pressure vessel design, pipework and road tankers. Some of the standards are referenced in ADR. 

20th May - We held the Transport, Operations and Process Safety Leadership Team meeting and discussed a variety of projects including, underground steel pipework replacements, periodic inspection of cylinders, PRV test project, updates to COMAH regulatory interventions and SAFed and the Energy Institute initiatives. We also discussed the industry safety data that has been compiled for Q1 and we shared learnings from incidents that occurred recently.

Richard Hakeem

Director of Technical and Safety Policy

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK