End of summer BBQ safety tips and advice

Thursday 16th September 2021

As summer comes to an end and you set up the BBQ for one last time, we wanted to share a few of our tips for staying safe, and ensuring your equipment is in tip top condition for next year.

When you’re using a BBQ or pizza oven whether it’s at home in your garden or when you’re away on holiday there are a few things you can do to keep yourself and others safe. Both gas and solid fuel BBQs can pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if they aren’t used or maintained properly.

  • Never use your BBQ indoors – this includes inside tents, marquees, yurts, shepherds huts and summer houses
  • If your BBQ is still smouldering don’t take it inside, even if you’ve finished cooking as it can still give off fumes. Your BBQ should always be left outside
  • Make sure your BBQ or pizza oven is set up on level ground to reduce the risk of it tipping
  • Always follow the manufacturers instructions for use, maintenance and care
  • Gas components should only be repaired or replaced by a competent or suitably qualified person. The Gas Safe Register has a list of qualified installers in your area
  • At the end of the summer make sure you give your BBQ a thorough clean. Do not leave gas cylinders connected when it isn’t in use and make sure you store it in a dry place.

Liquid Gas UK is exhibiting at the Installer Show in Coventry later this month. We work closely with installers and are keen to raise awareness of how they can support consumers with gas safety for BBQ’s and heaters as well as within the home. For more details of the Installer Show click here.

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