The sweet smell of success this Easter

Wednesday 6th April 2022

The sweet smell of success this Easter and why top chefs prefer to use LPG*.

LPG is widely used in the front end of business operations in the catering and hospitality sector. From fast reliable heat for cooking in restaurants, gastro pubs and hotels through to coffee shops, bakeries and sandwich outlets, LPG can be relied on to provide fast, consistent heat for cooking, and heating in multiple different locations and venues.

But did you know that LPG is also used in many applications within the food and drink manufacturing industry?

Cooking and baking are the primary uses of LPG due to the high level of temperature control it offers as well as the speed with which it meets the required temperatures. Accurate temperatures are a crucial element of the design and production process particularly when it comes to more advanced cooking techniques.

It’ll come as no surprise that LPG is the preferred fuel for creating confectionary such as biscuits, pastries, cakes and even chocolate, but LPG is also used for creating steam, hot water and for use within sterilization processes including those needed for producing canned goods.

LPG offers the food industry multiple clear benefits many of which are related to the speed in which it meets required temperatures. For an industry working with high volumes within very specific timeframes LPG is the preferred choice for many businesses in both the UK and throughout the World.

Chefs and artisan food creators* choose to work with LPG due to its fast and responsive nature. Temperatures can be controlled easily and efficiently which is very important when advanced techniques are being used.

Tempering is a technique used to heat chocolate in order to coat items such as truffles, to create shape including for Easter eggs, and to ensure the fats within the chocolate crystallise in a particular way which ensures the chocolate snaps rather than crumbling when it is broken.

Tempering also gives the chocolate a higher melting point which is important when chocolate is being handled. Your luxury Easter egg is very likely to have been created using this very clever technique and LPG may very well have played a key role in the production process too.

LPG can be used in all manner of situations due to its versatility and reliable heat qualities. When it comes to creating bespoke confectionary, high end Easter eggs and even your favourite chocolate bar you can almost guarantee LPG will have been involved at some stage in the creative process.

*Research carried out by the Propane Education and Research Association states that 96% of chefs prefer to cook with gas

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* Cake image courtesy of BBC Good Food

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK