Weddings, outdoor events and the Queens Platinum Jubilee year

Tuesday 31st May 2022

Spring marks the start of outdoor event season where venues up and down the country prepare for a busy few months of parties and celebrations.

From grand stately homes to boutique hotels, barns and farms to old factories and industrial buildings there is an ever growing list of venues popping up all over the UK ready to welcome couples, families and their guests to celebrate.

With 2022 being the Queens Platinum Jubilee year, and with larger weddings now able to go ahead again in the aftermath of the pandemic, it is set to be a bumper year for outdoor entertaining, parties and events.

Many of the most prestigious and exclusive event venues are located off grid or in remote areas where they require alternative sources of fuel for cooking and heating. Some will use heating oil or solid fuel and others will be using LPG or even bioLPG.

Marquee and tipi venues will often have mobile caterers visiting who set up temporary kitchens for preparing food and cooking meals. Due to its fast and reliant cooking capabilities LPG is generally the first choice for chefs working in street food and outdoor catering capacities. Since the pandemic, and with a distinct rise in the number of outdoor venues providing food, street food vendors have reached new heights of popularity.

In fact there are many exclusive chefs now offering a street food style menu suited to outdoor events such as weddings. These chefs often prefer the reliability and immediate heat provided by gas and so you will see gas cylinders on display at many of the outdoor events including Queens Jubilee parties up and down the country.

Catering is an important sector for Liquid Gas UK members and as such we have a number of Codes of Practice, consumer guidance sheets and special bundle offers available for chefs and businesses operating in the street food and outdoor events industry.

Safety is important to any business and we are delighted to work alongside Government organisations such as the HSE to provide safety guidance and support to businesses operating in the LPG sector as well as those using LPG for the principal work they do such as catering, hospitality, leisure and tourism.

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