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  • The Queen's Speech in 1, 2, 3!

    Tuesday 15th October 2019

    On Monday, the Queen delivered her speech announcing the Government’s new legislative agenda as part of the State Opening of Parliament. Usually this would have happened months ago, yet with 16 days to go until we leave the EU, we’re not exactly in ordinary times.

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  • Back to school feeling, Boris and the other B word

    Wednesday 11th September 2019

    It’s safe to say the summer hasn’t been the quiet period in politics that we’d all usually expect. In fact, we’ve been dealing with a new PM, a new Government, a little thing called Brexit and a variety of policy issues across political parties. Who needs a break huh?

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  • Take your property developments off the grid with UKLPG

    Tuesday 30th April 2019

    LPG might just be the perfect off-grid solution for your property development. Find out why here.

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  • Making the switch to LPG effortless for off-grid customers

    Monday 4th March 2019

    Switching to LPG doesn't have to be complicated.

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  • Together we have a stronger voice – the benefits of membership of UKLPG

    Friday 21st December 2018

    Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has a variety of benefits and advantages for off-grid homes and businesses. It performs in an identical way to natural gas; it is widely available; it’s reliable and it offers complete versatility of use. One of the greatest benefits of LPG is that it’s the lowest carbon conventional energy source available.

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  • LPG – the essential Christmas market ingredient

    Monday 17th December 2018

    As 2018 draws to a close and we all begin to wind down for Christmas, I bet many of you will already have visited one of the many Christmas markets now located around the UK. Bursting with festive cheer and Alpine stalls offering gifts, food and drink, Christmas markets have become an increasingly popular way to kick off seasonal celebrations with family, friends and colleagues.

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  • Spreading the word about LPG

    Thursday 7th June 2018

    The UK was one of the first countries to acknowledge the financial and security threats of climate change and act on it, and as a result, the Clean Growth Strategy was launched, laying out the Government’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050.

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  • Installing LPG is fast track to achieving carbon savings

    Monday 5th March 2018

    Close on the heels of the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy announcement UKLPG launched its pathways document Gas for Off-Grid Britain to set out the role this widely available fuel can play in decarbonising heat off the gas grid.

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  • LPG delivers the perfect pancake

    Tuesday 13th February 2018

    We all know the secret to the perfect pancake is not just down to the toppings or the ratio of sugar to flour, but in the execution itself.

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  • Installers critical to delivering decarbonisation of off-grid Britain

    Monday 4th December 2017

    Installers are at the frontline when it comes to ensuring homes and businesses have access to long-term, affordable and reliable energy supplies, even when they are located off the gas grid. With confusion over the many different energy sources available to them, home and business owners are turning to installers for guidance with increasing regularity.

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