Targeting Carbon Reduction in Off Grid Britain

Earlier this year UKLPG commissioned Delta Energy and Environment - a leading, Scottish based research and consulting company who specialise in emerging technologies and decentralised energy markets – to examine four types of rural dwellings, and the role that LP Gas can play in reducing carbon and running costs when used in emerging technologies. Delta-EE concluded:

“A mix of Low Carbon LP Gas Technologies could deliver significant carbon savings by 2030”

Based on the evidence gained from the independent study carried out by Delta-EE, UKLPG as the one voice of the LP Gas industry in the UK put together it's report Targeting Carbon Reduction in Off Grid Britain to highlight the role LP Gas can play as an energy solution to 2030. A downloadable version of the report is available below as well as a link to view a short presentation of the document.


Follow this link to view a short presentation on our Targeting Carbon Report in Off Grid Britain by Rob Shuttleworth, UKLPG Chief Exectuive. 

Opportunities for Low Carbon LP Gas in Rural Heating to 2030

Follow this link to view a short presentation on Delta-EE's Study by Jennifer Arran, Senior Analyst at Delta-EE.


Key findings were:


  • In older detached homes - a type very common in rural Britain - the mix of technologies examined by Delta-EE showed that a household could reduce emissions by up to 42%.
  • Over 60% of the rural building stock in the UK is detached, and much of it older properties whose energy efficiency is very difficult to improve economically.
  • In 2030 Hybrid Air Source Heat Pumps and LP Gas Heat pumps can save up to 3.5 to 5 tonnes of CO2 per house per year compared to a modern LPG condensing boiler. This is a 42-45% reduction in emissions. Compared to an oil boiler CO2 savings rise to between 5.5 and 6 tonnes of CO2 per dwelling per year.
  • In rural hotels mCHP and heat pumps can save up to 10 tonnes of CO2 per building per year compared to a modern LPG boiler, which rises to 16 tonnes when compared to oil. There are tens of thousands of these buildings in the UK.
  • In the short term, modern condensing LP Gas boilers plus controls or with flue gas heat recovery can make an immediate impact on carbon reduction, and can be fitted easily with little inconvenience or cost.
  • In the longer term LP Gas powered commercial and domestic heat pumps, hybrid air source heat pumps and engine mCHP form the base of the emerging technologies for the UK’s older rural dwellings.
  • Delta-EE estimate that an LP Gas heat pump will deliver heat to a detached home or rural hotel at 40% of the running costs of an LP Gas boiler giving a remarkably short payback period.

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