UKLPG response to 'A Future Framework for Heat in Buildings'

UKLPG response to BEIS’ 'A Future Framework for Heat in Buildings' Call for Evidence, June 2018

The UKLPG response to BEIS’ A Future Framework for Heat in Buildings Call for Evidence highlights the role that LPG already plays in delivering reliable low carbon heating to homes and businesses that are located off the gas grid. The submission focuses upon providing answers and evidence to the questions posed in chapter 3 “cleaner heating technologies for off gas grid properties” by demonstrating how LPG fuelled systems and technologies that are already providing heating to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses can be rolled out simply and effectively to displace high carbon fossil fuels and deliver carbon savings.

Beyond this the UKLPG response sets out a delivery pathway plotting how the LPG industry can deliver future off-grid heating that is aligned with the 2032 and 2050 carbon budgets, through high efficiency gas powered technologies and the incremental deployment of bioLPG into the supply chain.

This submission further takes the opportunity to highlight the significant barriers that the LPG industry currently observes within off-grid energy policy that could jeopardise successful delivery of off-grid decarbonisation. Finally, the UKLPG response concludes by making a series of recommendations to BEIS that would support effective and maximised delivery of gas powered heating solutions to both the domestic and non-domestic heating sector.

The trade association for the LPG and bioLPG industry in the UK