Pipework safety check

Metallic service pipework buried in the ground can corrode over time forming holes leading to loss of LPG. A possible build-up of gas in your house could be dangerous if ignited.

For most properties the chance of this happening is low and will depend on a number of factors including the type of home, the floor you have and features of your gas supply.

This safety check is for householders and landlords who use LPG and have underground metallic pipework carrying gas from your storage tank to where it enters the property. It is likely that this pipework belongs to you and not your supply company even if they own the tank. If you are unsure you should check your contract or contact your supplier. If the pipework is owned by you then it is for you to decide what further action you wish to take. This safety check will help you do this.

  • If you are a tenant then you should bring this safety check to the attention of your landlord but you may want to use it yourself.
  • If you have more than one building using LPG supplied from the tank then the safety check should be used for each building.
  • If you have pipework made from polyethylene (plastic) which does not corrode then this safety check is not for you but remember that you should make sure your gas system is maintained.

This safety check will ask a series of questions to help advise you if you need to talk to your supplier about replacing your pipework. If you do need to replace your pipework you should only use Gas Safe registered engineers.

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