Why recommend LPG to your customers

There are many reasons why LPG is a great option for your customers: Watch our short video to find out more.

1. Cost effective

Replacing the oldest, inefficient oil boilers with clean, condensing LPG boilers can provide customers with lower energy bills as well as reduced carbon emissions. Installers simply need to fit the new boiler as, in many cases, a new central heating system is not required. In addition, the LPG storage tank is usually part of the supply contract making the transfer not only straightforward, but also cost effective.

Many LPG boilers are, on average, cheaper than buying new or replacement oil boilers and customers are not usually required to replace their internal pipework or radiators, ensuring peace of mind for both the installer and customer.

LPG is compatible with all the latest commercial boiler technologies and its reliability, consistency and availability enables end users to futureproof their homes and businesses and improve their energy security.

2. Tank placement

LPG can be supplied in portable cylinders but is generally placed in bulk tanks provided by the gas supplier that can sit above or below ground, either within the plot’s boundary or, in the case of some developers, placed a distance from dwellings to ensure minimal disruption for householders during delivery of gas supplies.

Customers can also choose to have cylinders installed as a compact alternative to gas tanks when space is limited and the customer has a smaller heating demand. Cylinders are usually connected in pairs that automatically switch to another pair via change-over valves when empty to guarantee a backup of continual gas supply.

3. Telemetry – auto top-up

Tanks can be fitted with a sensor that sends the LPG supplier regular readings so that they know when to schedule your customer’s next gas delivery. This means they don’t have to worry about ordering gas, or even being at home when a delivery is made.

4. Suppliers across the country

LPG suppliers are located right across the UK meaning customers can expect a quick delivery as a local supplier is close to hand. Depots and distribution centres also offer customers local knowledge and support.

5. Environmentally friendly

When it comes to environmental performance, LPG emits 35% less CO2 than coal and 12% less that oil. It’s non-toxic, has no impact on soil, water or underground aquifers and emits almost no black carbon, which is arguably the second biggest contributor to global warming. It also has lower greenhouse gas emissions than any other fossil fuel when measured on a total fuel cycle.

6. Convenience

LPG behaves exactly the same as natural gas so it can easily fuel domestic household gas appliances like central heating boilers, cookers and AGAs, and is compatible with most advanced boilers and heating systems. When working with combination boilers, LPG provides heat and hot water on demand so there’s no need to worry about factoring expensive storage systems into development builds either.

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