Codes of Practice

What are they?

The renowned LPG industry Codes of Practice provide expert guidance on engineering and safety practice across a wide range of Technical areas across the industry. The Codes cover the transportation, storage, installation, operations and utilisation of LPG. 

 As the trade association representing the UK LPG and bioLPG industry, we have a long established history of developing Codes with the first one produced over forty years ago.

All of our Codes have been meticulously developed by industry leading experts from across the membership, in consultation with Government authorities and have been sanctioned by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

We have twenty-seven different Codes currently available which can be found listed below.

Why use them?

Using one of our Codes and adhering to its principles will not only provide the practical guidance needed, but the reassurance you are working with the very best control and regulations and comply with the relevant health and safety law, the safety record for the LPG industry is of critical importance to its members and the association.

How to buy them

All our Codes are available to buy in a convenient and accessible electronic format and prices for individual codes are listed below. Most individual Codes cost £90 each.

Electronic versions are sold as an online, view only format. However, we appreciate you may require the facility to download and print a copy of a Code and for this we recommend you purchase a Gold License.

Gold License

A Gold License allows you full access to all Codes to view online, with the additional ability to download and print them, as well as the opportunity to upload the documents to an intranet or shared drive for access across your organisation. The Gold Licence is accessed via an annual fee. Please Click here to find out more and ‘REQUEST A PRICE’ or for more information email:


Individual Codes are priced at £90 each, but bundles of Codes can be purchased at a fixed price, offering you a cost saving.

The bundles have been categorised to suit the needs of specific sectors or uses of LPG and are available to purchase at a discount. Current bundles available are -

 Please contact one of the Liquid Gas UK team if you would like to discuss in more detail

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