b'S T E V E H A L L E T T Q & ASteve Hallett, Operations Director DimetaZero. We have an overarching ambition to produce 300,000 tonnes of the fuel by 2027, by identifying partners and Six months after theSteve, for those of ourframeworks for developing announcement of thereaders who may not haveproduction plants.first ever Renewable &heard of Dimeta before,Dimetas first major project, Recycled Carbon DMEcan you tell us a little bitCircular Fuels Ltd (CFL) is a plant from waste beingabout yourselves? joint venture between Dimeta built in the UK, Liquidand KEW technology. CFL is a Gas UK interviews SteveDimeta was born in Februaryspecialised project development Hallett, Operations2022 to advance the productioncompany, which develops Director of Dimetaand use of Renewable &construction-ready DME Recycled Carbon DME,plants using KEWs proprietary for an update on theaccelerating the off-grid energyadvanced gasification developments. sectors transition to Nettechnology.14 Source Winter / Spring 2023'