b'D I M E T A O P E R A T I O N S D I R E C T O RThe first plant is in Teesside, UKWhat has been theincineration or export of waste, where Dimeta plans to producereaction from policythe solution being a sustainable 50,000 tonnes per year of rDMEmakers? gas for hard-to-treat homes and by the end of 2024. businesses.We were delighted that Tees What progress has beenValley Mayor Ben HouchenHow can policy makers made on the Teesworkssupported the launch of ourtake their support a step plant since the locationplant, recognising that therefurtherwhat kind of was announced in May? is ground-breaking renewablepolicy changes would you investment taking place in thelike to see in the UK?Significant process has beenNorth of Englandpositioning made since the announcementthe region as a leader in driving forward the countries NetFirstly, we of our plant location as Teesside,would want to see renewable UK. TheZero ambitions, not to mention liquid gases first phaserecognised, of detailedDME and engineeringLPG, within design work isthe Biomass now completeStrategy and as planned,the off-grid we are in deepregulations. discussionsIt is critical with feedstockthat UK providersGovernment and we havetake a mixed entered thetechnology next phaseapproach of EPC worksfor off-grid where we willenergy, appoint finalif they EPC for thewant further investment and delivery ahead of financial close.the 250 jobs it will create in construction or 50 jobs oncedevelopment of renewable fuels. Through our joint venture withoperational.Kew Technology, Circular FuelsWe would also like to see Ltd, we have also joined theIn addition to local support,incentives expanded out of the Net Zero Teesside Cluster Plan,we welcomed the recognitiontransport sector and into the which is part of The Departmentfrom the Secretary of Statebroader heating sector, so that for Business, Energy & Industrialfor Business, Energy &renewable fuels can benefit hard-Strategy (BEIS) IndustrialIndustrial Strategy at the timeto-electrify sectors such as rural Decarbonisation Challenge we all know there has beenheating or industrial uses. To get and managed by Innovate UK.a bit of turnaround since then!this realistically, industry needs Circular Fuels is an importantNevertheless, waste to DME,to be willing to give something contributor to this workprovides UK Governmentin return, as there is often no providing a road map to Netwith a solution to a problem.carrot without stickthis is an Zero. The problem being inefficientimportant issue I know Liquid liquidgasuk.org 15'