b'S T E V E H A L L E T T Q & AGas UK is considering. conference, Dimeta announced its recent Dimeta recentlydecision to collaborate sponsored a PAS towith the renewable support the industry andmethanol and ethanol heating appliance supplyproducer Enerkem. Can chain with the transitionyou tell me about this?to DME. Can you explain what this means? In October 2022 we entered into a collaboration with We are delighted to haveEnerkem, one of the players sponsored the creation of awith the most extensive publicly available standardexpertise in waste gasification (PAS) which specifiesfor producing molecules like the requirements of DMEmethanol and ethanol. We are and DME/LPG blend firedworking with them in addition appliances and equipment,to our projects with Circular and is an important bridgeFuels Ltd.between LPG suppliers and the appliance industry. The processThe collaboration is focused independently facilitated byon exploring the opportunity the British Standards Institutefor the development of (BSI) now begins, workingrenewable & recycled carbon closely with industry andDME plants in Europe and the of course Liquid Gas UK toUnited States, at a larger scale deliver a benchmark for thesuch as 150kt and with a strong heating appliance industry andfocus on maximising CO2 broader LPG supply chain. Thisrecycling.is an important milestone for the renewable liquid gas andWhat other partnerships heating sector. are you considering?The PAS however is just oneIn Oc Dimeta is looking to piece of the puzzle. It is ofestablish more partnerships critical importance that theto deliver a Net Zero future work underway by the Worldfor the LPG Industry with LPG Association and Liquidrenewable & recycled carbon Gas UK continues, also inDME. Our first partnership with collaboration, so that there isKew Technology to create simple set of guidelines whichCircular Fuels Ltd. and now can be used by those in the UK,with Enerkem demonstrate we but those operating in Europeare looking for collaboration and beyond.At the Liquid Gas UK 16 Source Winter / Spring 2023'