b'What is rDME?Renewable and recycled carbon DME (rDME) is a safe, clean-burning, sustainable fuel that can support decarbonisation of the off-grid energy sector including domestic and commercial heating and cooking, industry and transport.Why rDME?CHEMICALLY SIMILAREASILY TRANSPORTEDCAN BE BLENDED WITH LPGCAN REDUCE GHG to propane and butane as a liquid in pressurisedand used in existingEMISSIONS BY UP TO 85% cylinders and tanks applications compared to heating oilEASILY DISTRIBUTED CAN BE PRODUCED TODAYDME HAS BEENSIMILAR TO LPG, using existing LPGfrom wide range ofUSED SAFELYSUBSTANTIALLY REDUCES infrastructure at the samesustainable, locally sourced,in industrial applicationsPOLLUTANTS SUCH AS NOx, pressure feedstocks for decades SOx AND PM compared to solid and liquid fuelsHow can rDME be produced?rDME can be produced from a wide range of sustainable feedstocks including D I M E T ABiogenic material such as manure, organic fraction of waste streams, and other biomassNon-organic fraction of municipal waste such as non-recyclable plastics and tyresCaptured CO 2and other waste gases from the industrial sector such as steel, aluminium, and cement manufacturingfrom innovative technologies for rDME canDME production, to integrating be producedDME into the LPG supply chain, usingWet feedstocks Anaerobic digestion Methanola range ofor financing investments of DME technologiesinfrastructure, for example. including gasication or electrolysis Solid feedstocks Gasication Catalysis DME You can expect to hear more rDME can be produced using aabout our new partnerships in range of technologies includingthe coming months and would CO 2+ H 2 gasification or electrolysis welcome Source Magazine readers to reach out if they would like to discuss this further.The Teesside location is the first of your plants, where will upcoming production facilities be located?We are currently exploring locations in Europe - there is a considerable LPG market in France with strong decarbonisation objectivesnot to mention significant quantities of waste feedstock available for utilisation, making it an attractive geography. We expect to announce the site location in 2023.In parallel we are developing initiatives in the United States, which will be announced next year. Propane is the third most widely used energy source for homes and businesses in the United States, supporting at least 50m homes and 1.1m businessesit is a huge market and there For moreis a significant opportunity for information on Dimetarenewable & recycled carbon and to keep up with the la DME to be blended with propane.test developments, visit their website www.dimeta.nl across the whole value chain, liquidgasuk.org 17'