b'T E C H N I C A L & S A F E T Y I N I T I A T I V E SAuthorisation for incorrectly Certified TanksLiquid Gas UK were informedmeant for tankers to be taken by the DfT that a number ofoff the road for long periods incorrectly certified tanksof time. were imported into the UK from Italy After continuous dialogue werequirements are met, use of the managed to gain authorisationtank will continue to be permitted Whilst they are deemed to be safeto allow operators to continueunder the authorisation. The AIB through design, their legal statususing these tanks until their nextwill issue an Authorised Inspection must be corrected. Therefore,intermediate or periodic inspectionCertificate and the DfT confirmed LGUK worked with gas supplyat which time a suitably Accreditedthat the authorisation will be in members to understand the scaleInspection Body appointed byforce for the lifetime of the tank.of the issue in order to supply datathe competent authority of Great to the Department for Transport. Britain must verify the tank fully meets the requirements for a UKCode revisions LGUK informed the DFT about thetank that were in place at the timefor 2023gravity of the situation and what itof construction. Provided these Code of Practice 3: Emergency Preparedness and Control of .all the 6s Incidents involving LPG Q2Code of Practice 17: Preparation The BSi Public Available Standard 6666 which we areand Commissioning of LPG Bulkdeveloping for appliance and equipment manufacturers toVessel Installations Q2open up the market for DME and rDME has now commenced. Code of Practice 12: I have been in discussion with the major boiler manufacturers such asRecommendations for the Worcester Bosch, Baxi and Valliant. I have also discussed this marketSafe Filling of LPG Cylinders at opportunity with the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council whoDepots Q3welcomed the work that LGUK was doing to present governmentCode of Practice 19: Liquid with alternative clean gaseous solutions to electricity and heat pumps.Measuring Systems for LPG Part We will approach BEIS and the HSE for their representation onto1: Flow Rates up to 80 litres per the steering committee so that their combined input will give theminute in Installations Dispensing standard the gravitas it deserves.Road Vehicle FuelQ3Contract signed between Dimeta BSIPIM 9th September Code of Practice 19: Liquid Measuring Systems for LPG Part PAS 666 Stering Group to be formed 2: Transfers between Mobile Equipment and Fixed LPG Storage LGUK to act as facilitator & ensure correct stakeholders have input at Flow Rates above 80 litres per minute Q3Expected completion date August 2023NEW rDME Code of Practice for Joint BSi / LGUK marketing and press release September 2023 Pipe Work Design Q424 Source Winter / Spring 2023'