b'T E C H N I C A L & S A F E T Y I N I T I A T I V E SAuthorisation for incorrectlymanufacturers to declare existing product types as compliantBusiness Certified Tanks with UKCA requirements. At the expiry of the certificate or afterReview 31 December 2024, whichever is sooner, products must bear thePanelUKCA marking and will need to undergo conformity assessment Brexitwith a UK Approved Body. I was invited to be Before 11pm on 31 Decembera member of Update 2024, if an EU-recognised CABthe OPSS BRP has completed the relevantrecently and conformity assessment activitiesattended my first applying to a product, thismeeting on the 6th November. U Turn. Reducingwould allow manufacturers toThe panel focussed on 4 key re-certification/re-testingapply the UKCA mark withoutareas; REACH, Northern Ireland costs for UKCA marking the need for any UK ApprovedProtocol; Regulatory Horizons Body involvement. They couldCouncil, Product Safety Review continue to place their goodsand UKCA marking.on the market on the basis of their existing CE certificationOne of the key topics following the end of this year,discussed was the Retained for the lifetime of the certificateEU (Revocation & Reform) Bill, The governments so calledissued, or until 31 December 2024which allows EU regulations to Reducing re-certification/re- (whichever is sooner). be maintained until such time testing costs for UKCA markingan overhaul of the REUL can be although very welcomed byWhere manufacturers are usingcarried out. The Product Safety industry, is rather too late forconformity assessment underReview Consultation to kick start manufacturers who have alreadyexisting CE certification beforethe process will be launched financially committed to comply11pm on 31 December 2024 asin January and will contain 4 with the 1st January 2023the basis to ensure compliancechapters; Vision, Obligations, deadline. Many companies I havewith UKCA requirements forOn Line Supply Chains and spoken to abroad have workedtheir products, the governmentCompliance and Enforcement. hard to ensure that their productsrecommend that manufacturers are ready for GB trade on the 1stinclude in the UK Declaration ofThe Regulatory Horizons Council January. Conformity the list of relevantare speaking of a 4th Industrial UK designated standards andRevolution and its purpose is to However due to pressure fromequivalent EU harmonisedidentify new technologies within wider industries, the governmentstandards that apply to theirGB to commercial them.has introduced legislation to allowproduct, as well as details of theThe government leads within conformity assessment activitiesEU-recognised CAB (or CABthe various groups will be undertaken by EU-recognisedrecognised under an EU Mutualimportant to LGUK in the near Conformity AssessmentRecognition Agreement withfuture and consequently I found Bodies (CABs), for CEa third country) which carriedit important for LGUK to be certification before 11pm on 31stout the conformity assessmentengaged. December 2024, to be used byprocedures.liquidgasuk.org 25'