b'E Q U I P M E N T & S E R V I C E S M E M B E R S A D V E R T O R I A LThe professionals choice in LPG for cylinders, metering and tank installations.Clesse is the most respected manufacturer and supplier of LPG equipment in UK and Ireland, supporting all major distribution specialists into the LPG market. The companys breadth of expertise ensures the correct solution is delivered to your satisfaction, supported by our in-house technical professionals, right through to our manufacturing base in France. Working with major market players, innovation at Clesse is at the forefront of the low carbon renewable future of liquid gases that are an essential part of the market. Whether cylinders, bulk tanks, or metered networks, Clesse products deliver the standards and expectations of gas regulation equipment to the sector with key products, such as the Evolution Meterbox and CompacTR800 OPSO, now supported by innovative technology CompacTi electronic hybrid cylinder optimisation and telemetry for efficient site management.With over 45,000 cylinder changeover regulators installed, upgrading to CompacTi couldnt be easier, bringing savings in gas and cloud-based software that will save time, money, and reduce complete run outs, enhancing customer experience.Telephone: 01905 842020sales@clesse.co.ukwww.clesse.co.uk/compactiInnovative Computer software for Todays LPG DistributorCODAS has over CODAS is used in over financial suite supported by 2,300 users300 LPG & Oilthe reporting of management in Oil distributiondepots across the information, CODAS has been businessesUK and Irelandproven to dramatically improve operational efficiency, increase sales and profitability and reduce costs.CODAS has over CODAS-OTC is CDS has beenWith CODAS as your chosen 600 users deployed in overdeveloping software solution, richer in LPG distribution1,400 software for over businesses LPG and Oil 45 years engagement with your distributor vehicles customers and maximised operational efficiency lies at CODAS is a suite of softwareFrom prospecting for newyour fingertips. With CDS designed to meet the full rangebusiness, customer and salesas your software partner, of specialist requirementsactivities, load schedulingunparalleled commitment and for downstream Oil and LPGand routing, purchasing andcomprehensive support is distributors. stock control, to a full businessguaranteed.Telephone: 0161 832 9251 sales@codas.com www.codas.comliquidgasuk.org 29'