b'E Q U I P M E N T & S E R V I C E S M E M B E R S A D V E R T O R I A LEmergency Solutions for Loss of Gas Supplies.Earthquakes, Maintenance, Peak Shaving,Key points:Hostile Actions Closing Gas Supplies.Requires no external power source such as electricity Generates SNG using Propane & Air pressureReliance on natural gas is immense, uninterruptible Portable & light, easily transportableservice is essential and a lifeline. Ensure back-up Units self-contained with weatherproof covers and systems are in place. wheels No need to change nozzles or jets or appliancesNatural gas burners require natural gas, using LPG Provides stable calorific value without adjustmentcauses poor flame quality and incomplete combustion Safety devices ensure total securitycreating carbon monoxide.Feeder gas Propaneeasily obtainableThe System has been re-establishing gas supplies in ITO offers the PA System generating Synthetic Naturalemergencies for over 20 years, providing lifelines following Gas blending propane and air. Providing a solutionearthquakes, flooding and other crises. Available in matched to local gas supplies keeping burners burning. varying capacities 4 - 90 m3/H.Tel: +44(0)1296 655655www.ito-europe.comneil@ito-europe.comNot just a name change! 2022 brought big changes within Makeen Gas Equipment. Our sales team and service engineers are your contacts for small scale single UFMs to full blown carousel systems, we can do it all.For vapourisers, tanker valves, refurbished equipment, new equipment, cryogenic, LNG, tank testing, compressors, pumpsif you need to move LPG, whether liquid or vapour, call our sales team now.Our One Stop Shop philosophy means that we can supply everything for use in our great LPG & LNG industryCall 01792 224000 or email sales.uk@makeenenergy.comliquidgasuk.org 31'