b'I N D U S T R Y C E N S U S R E P O R TIndustry Census report.260 million Following a survey of the LPG and renewableplanned investment in liquid gases industryrenewable back in May, theOver 600liquid gasessecond-ever Industry1.1 billionjobs created Census report has nowindustry turnoverin the industry been published.since in the last year 2020The 2022 Industry Censusa survey dedicated to learningMore than more about the current state of4,000 the sectorlooked at important300people employed topics such as investment, growth,milliondirectly by LPG industry in the UK skills and labour market, and600 investment in the the upcoming challenges and opportunities for the future.LPG emits The report paints a strong picture33% lessmillion industry betweenAs a Drop in 2021 and 2023of an industry committed tothan forecast investmentsolution bioLPG reaching Net Zero targets, withcoal and up to 2025offers up to members putting their money15% less90%where their mouth is when it comescarbon emissions to reaching the ambitious goal setthan oil reduction on LPGin 2019, to become 100% renewable by 2040.Headline statistics from the reportcommitted investment into the LPG Positive ratings of Liquid Gas show: sector between May 2021 UK as an organisation increasingA total of 1.1 billion in turnover forand May 2023 from circa 70% to 82%, withthe sector Forecast investment of 600codes of practice, public affairs,Over 600 jobs created in the million up to 2025 lobbying, working groups and industry since 2020260 million planned investmentmanagement teams votedthe300 million planned or into renewable liquid gases best things about LGUK. 02 Source Winter / Spring 2023'