b'R A C I N G A H E A D W I T H R D M ERacing Ahead with rDMEOne TeamOne Goal!Well, we did it. service men and women intoon Anglesey (including the normal civilian life after trauma. customary trip to the Golden Most of you know thatArches) where it was blowing an The day started at stupid o clockabsolute hooley.every Remembrance(2.30am!) immediately after theKamal Kalsi (Kew Technology) Sunday over the last 9Edinburgh conferenceI didnthad beaten us to the track and years, Mission Motorsportget to bed until 11.45pm. It hadwas already in my MX5 mk1The Forces Charity,been arranged that Steve Hallettpracticing and learning the track.hold a 12 hour endurancewould pick me up from the hotel race on the picturesqueat 3pmhe couldnt sleep so ISeveral strong coffees later, race track of Trac Mon onwas rudely awoken at 2.20amthe team were ready for and had 10 minutes to wake up,qualification. This is the first time Anglesey. shower and check out. that the new MX5 mk2.5 has been used in anger since it was Driving well within the speedbuilt, then rebuilt, then rebuilt This is a very moving event thatlimit, we arrived 8 hours lateragain! (dont ask!!!!). All went well raises money for reinstatingat the gorgeous Trac Monfor the daylight qualinot trying 52 Source Winter / Spring 2023'