b'M I S S I O N M O T O R S P O R Ttoo hard so we didnt appear toThis was a little early but we hadpads etc ensued accompanied be too quick. The night time qualibeen called in due to spilling fuelby the slightest bit of alcohol. was the first time that Kamalon the track. Day one ends 23 hours after it had ever driven on a race trackbegan.at night. If you think about it After a good look at the fuel a normal UK car has its lightssystem we couldnt see anyDay two started at 6.30 with a aimed to the leftthe racetrackevidence of a leak. The car wasshower and bacon sandwich. is predominantly full of rightrefuelled and Tim was put in theRacing was due to start at 9am hand corners. Subsequently wedriving seat and sent out.prompt. At 8.40 I questioned added a couple of extra lights. a clunk that Id noticed and Now when you are in the pit lane,mentioned at the beginning of After the Biathlon of Foolishnessonly four people are allowedthe race. Thats when the panic (oh and thanks to everyoneto work on the car at any oneset in. Not only did we have a ball who pledged 300 for me to dotime. We got reported for havingjoint pinch bolt with two threads this next year!), the race startedfive people working on the carholding it together but we had with a rolling start as therewhilst looking for the alleged fuelthe main fixing bolt missing were 55 cars on the grid (whatleak! completelythis was minutes could possibly go wrong???).away from being a complete Mayhem!!! Imagine driving onIn reality, we did have five people(and expensive) disaster. Back your favourite winding countrynear the car but two of thoseto my Mk1 and the main bolt was road at speeds upto 120mph butwere not in out team!!!! One Stopstolen and the mk2.5 was put surrounded by at least 8 carsand Go later and we were offback together 2 minutes before trying to overtake/be overtakenagain. the race start.all at the same time. On top of all this, add fuel being spilt fromKamal did the next shift and overfilled cars and add a splashSteve did the last one of the first of darkness. Our comms systemseven hour stint.worked superbly and after just over an hour I was called in toOvernight shenanigans including the pits (the first of six plannedchecking of suspension, new stops).tyres and replacement of brake Steve completed his stint and brought the car back in for a driver change and refuel. An emergency tyre change had to be donetwo complete sets in 9 hours!!!liquidgasuk.org 53'