b'R A C I N G A H E A D W I T H R D M Ecoming from the car. We told them what the problem was (oil from the power steering burning on the exhaust) and begged them to let us finish the race. The best part of the race was Tim flying through the last corner on the last lap and making up a place in the race with the words Sending it coming over the radio!!!Overall, the race was full of issuesthe worst weve ever had, but we came in 29th place out of a grid of 55. Disappointing The petrol leak continued to15 minutes before the end ofas wed expected a top 15 place occur, and we got called inthe race, Tim brought the car inbut the whole team worked well several more times to sort it. Thesaying hed had a puncture. Atogether and what was more decision was made to removequick stop and he was out againimportant, we made money for the expansion vessel (extra then in again.the charity.fuel tank) immediately after the Remembrance Ceremony.The car wont turn right he said.Chris Franks ensured that we In reality, the power steering pipedidnt go unfed or watered on The Ceremony was its usualhad broken with such force itthe Sunday night.emotional one. Not a dry eye onsounded like a blowout of a tyre. the circuit. We all had reasons toThe steering is heavy with outHuge thanks to Kew Technology, remember whether war related,assistance and felt like it wouldntDimeta, South Staffs Industries, or family related. turn in. So we sent Tim out again! MannTek, Dantek, Focus and everyone who helped to make Ceremony over, we sprang intoEleven minutes to go and racethis event happen and give action and the car was modifiedcontrol said there was smokemoney to this amazing charity.and back on track without loosing any time or position (thanks again to my trusty mk1!)All went well over the next couple of driver changes and thenHeres to 2023. Rich54 Source Winter / Spring 2023'