b'A V O N M O U T H P I P E L I N ELiquid Gas UK member, Flogas, has recently been granted planning permission to install a gas pipeline from Bristol Port to Avonmouth, bringing net zero ambitions closer for the LPG industry.Flogas, a long-standing member ofstorage capacity for LPG andby giving the right options for their Liquid Gas UK, has recently beenrenewable liquid gases in the UK.homes and businesses.granted planning permission toOnce completed the new pipeline construct a gas pipeline from Bristolwill link industry to a diverse supplyWith the Governments new Port, into the UKs largest aboveof LPG and renewable liquid gases,biomass strategy in development, ground LPG storage terminal, atopening up a much larger productand the availability of suitable off-Avonmouth near Bristol.availability, enhancing affordabilitygrid heat solutions so important, the and choice for members, andnew Avonmouth Storage Facility This is a landmark decision forproviding a secure product supplywill enable far greater flexibility the industry, at a time whento the many people living andto suppliers and consumers. infrastructure and security of supplyworking off-grid in the UK.Avonmouth will facilitate the are critical, to enabling the futurestorage and distribution of resilience of the LPG industry, andGeorge Webb, CEO of Liquidrenewable liquid gases from a a smooth transition to renewableGas UK (LGUK) said:variety of sources and locations.liquid gases.The new Avonmouth pipeline andAt a time when the industry has As the LPG industry continuesstorage facility marks a significantinvested considerable time and its journey to Net Zero, andstep forward in the import andmoney advocating for off-grid decarbonisation for rural off-gridsupply of renewable liquid gases.homes and businesses; conducting areas, Liquid Gas UK membersThe site will enable a much greaterresearch into the various pathways are making significant progress instorage capacity of LPG andsuggested by Government, and advancing renewable liquid gases.renewable liquid gases, which willputting together robust cases to in turn strengthen the supply chainlobby Government, the news from The recent launch of the new rDMEand make a significant contributionFlogas represents a significant step testing facility in the West Midlandsto the future resilience of theforward in bringing practical, reliable by Circular Fuels, the developmentindustry. and affordable heat decarbonisation of the first rDME production plantoptions to the consumer. in Teesside by Dimeta, and now theThe new pipeline demonstrates the new pipeline proposition in Bristolcommitment of Flogas to facilitateRenewable liquid gases will enable secured via Flogas, all confirmthe development of renewable fuelsa just transition to Net Zero giving how seriously industry is taking itsin the UK, helping residents andrural areas a fair choice in how they commitment to climate change. businesses on the road to Net Zero. heat their homes and businesses, giving greater flexibility to rural The site at Avonmouth, whichIts fantastic news for the industryproperties and enabling them to was formerly owned by Nationaland will enable rural areas of thedecarbonise in an efficient and Grid, has the largest above groundcountry to decarbonise effectively,affordable manner.liquidgasuk.org 05'