b'P R O J E C T U P D A T Eshows UK Government that asworks Association in order to reduce the an industry we value our assets. number of cylinders entering the The scheme will have two phases,LGUK members identify cylinderswaste recycling stream. An amnesty so members have clear data tothat are present on a customerscheme has been enacted at EMR understand collection volumes -site and inputs the details into thefor the repatriation of cylinders Intellex app. This creates an upliftfrom waste processing centres.Phase 1Cylinder Reportingrequest to the cylinder owner. SchemeThe ticket will be closed off onceLooking Ahead to the collection is made and thus2023generating the data required Phase 2Cylinder Collectionto evaluate the need for directThe new Intellex System will be Scheme (Subject to validmember collections in Phase Two. launched in quarter onewatch data and legal agreements) Strengthening ourthis space!We have worked with membersrelationshipsOur focus for 2023 will be on the who are now in agreementillegal export of members cylinders regarding a reporting scheme.Working throughout 2021 andoutside of the UK. These exports The scheme is only open to LGUK2022, were pleased to announceaccount for an enormous amount members and will enable allthat LGUK is now a key partnerof lost cylinders, which members members to securely report otherwith the National Metal Theft Crimespend millions of pounds replacing members cylinders to them forReduction Partnership, supportedeach year. We will continue collection. by British Transport Police. Thisassessment of the e-market place is an important relationship andsuch as Facebook and eBay and The scheme will be managedone we will continue to invest in,look at methods to close these centrally by LGUK with regularthroughout 2023.options down as well as the role out audits being carried out. But forof the Cylinder Reporting Scheme. the time being, it will only coverRegular meetings are being held domestic customers and other siteswith the Environment Agency on aIf youd like more information or by exception.quarterly basis to discuss cylinderto speak to Richard directly, email: issues, with the aim of resolving themrichard.morrish@liquidgasuk.orgbefore the issues become large.We are working much more closely Uplift Processhow itwith the British Metal Recycling liquidgasuk.org 07'